Our Annual Working Retreat

Guy painting

For four weeks from the last Saturday in January we invite you to come and join the community. You can come for one, two, three of four weeks. Each week of the retreat starts on Saturday afternoon. The first four mornings of the retreat we all work together in and around the retreat centre. Much of the work is land work, clearing undergrowth and maintaining the fire breaks. We also fell trees and prepare the wood ready for burning next winter. Other work includes painting and refurbishment as well as general maintenance and buildings work. You'll need to be able to do physical work for a few hours for four mornings of the retreat. On the Thursday we have a silent meditation and practice day. Friday is an unstructured day during which many people use the time to explore the stunning countryside around Guhyaloka. There is also a program of meditation, puja and study.

Dates (2018)

Week 1 - Sat 27 Jan to Sat 3 Feb

Week 2 - Sat 3 Feb to Sat 10 Feb

Week 3 - Sat 10 Feb to Sat 17 Feb

Week 4 - Sat 17 Feb to Sat 24 Feb

Who can come

This is a men's retreat open to all in the Triratna Community. We will be inviting you to work physically, four mornings a week so if you have a bad back or find physical work too painful then this retreat is probably not for you.


We run the retreat on a dana basis but to secure your reservation we ask that you send a 50€ per week booking fee.


You can book on the retreat using our message page