Our new community

Guhyaloka Community

From left to right:

Vidyasiddhi has been here for three and a half years. He will be leaving us at the end of October, returning to the UK. He will be managing Guhyaloka while Maniraja is away supporting the one-month Ordination retreat in September.

Maniraja has lived in Guhyaloka for six and a half years and is the current Chairman of Guhyaloka.

Dridhakarin has been here for two years. He is currently the maintenance man. 

Maitrighosha arrived on the 25th August. He was in Oslo for these last few years. We are especially pleased to have a Spanish speaker in the community. Among other things Maitrighosha will be our guest master.

James Caldwell joined us a few weeks ago at the beginning of July. He has recently asked for ordination and was on the autumn retreat with us last October. He will be taking over Vidyasiddhi's office duties.

Priyadasa arrived on the 24th August. Priyadasa spent many years living and working at Dhanakosa so brings with him a wealth of practice and experience of Triratna Retreat life. He is going to be our new full time cook and kitchen manager.