Fundraising for the development of El Collao

We purchased Uttaraloka from our reserves but we will need to raise money to complete the project.  We hope that those who support our plans to create these facilities will be able to help us raise the necesssary funds by making donations.

Uttaraloka exists so that we can encourage men to engage in a long retreat - a one year retreat for a community of four or five men.  The small building that already exists will be the kitchen and dining space as well as a meeting room and small library. It will also provide a bedroom/study for one person. We will construct wooden huts to accomodate the rest of the community. Composting toilets and a simple shower will complete the facilities. We also need to provide water and electricity

We will are hoping to raise 50,000 Euros to complete the development of El Collao - this is not an excessive amount of money for what we believe will be a very important contribution to the life of our Order, and for Buddhism in the West. To our knowledge El Collao will proivde the only facility of it's kind in Europe.

If you would like to contribute to our project please contact Manjuvajra (thehut [at] manjuvajra [dot] org).